What would you choose for your screen – VGA, DVI or HDMI?

As there are so many different options like VGA, DVI or HDMI cables that can be used to connect your computer monitor to your CPU, as your monitor has all three different input sockets, I am sure it has got you wondering which cable would be the best one to use for your new monitor. To choose the correct cable, it is important to know what purpose is served by all these different cables.

An LCD screen usually comes with three input sockets (one for each- VGA, DVI, HDMI) and it is usually recommended in the setup instructions that it is best to use a DVI or HDMI cable for connection, when in fact the only cable that has been included in the package is a VGA cable. Just like a Dell 21.5 inch monitor which comes with a VGA cable. You might wonder why does one need to buy a separate cable or does one need to buy a separate cable at all, as that will definitely mean more expense. For finding a solution to that query you have to realize that a VGA ( Video graphics array) cable provides you with an analog signal while DVI (Digital visual interface) cables and HDMI( High-Definition multimedia Interface) provides you with a very high quality, superior digital data. Not only is the video sharper and of a higher quality, it is also a higher resolution image that gives you a better viewing experience. Therefore, it can be said that your monitor definitely needs a cable other than a VGA.

Also, if the native resolution of your monitor is higher than a VGA cable it can display sharply, and it becomes necessary that you get the right able for your monitor, so that the money spent on purchasing the monitor does not go to waste. This is because a VGA cable cannot display a sharp picture of higher resolutions. Now the question is, whether to buy a HDMI or a DVI cable? Well, HDMI cables are more expensive than DVI cables. If your computer has both an HDMI video output and a blu-ray disk drive, HDMI becomes necessary only in case you need to watch blu-ray DVDs on your PC as a DVI cable will not provide that quality of digital data transmission. HDMI is also useful if it is connected to a High definition television screen. However, if you do not plan to use the blu-ray disk drive, in that case you need not bother to buy a HDMI cable for you monitor. However, in the near future if you do plan for it, then a DVI cable would suffice as it has HDCP that is necessary to view protected digital information as on a blu-ray DVD.

So, to use the features of your new computer monitor completely, and to have a wonderful viewing experience a connection cable better than a standard VGI surely becomes necessary. And, after considering all pros and cons, the DVI cable seems to be the right choice in comparison to the HDMI.

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