What is an HDMI Cable

High definition multimedia interface which is simply known as HDMI is a type of digital/audio data transmission cable for compressed digital data. A HDMI cable is useful for connecting DVD players, home cinema systems to a television as it provides a digital connection between them. The introduction of the HDMI cable in 2003 was nothing less than a revolution. This cable was exclusively designed to enhance sound and picture quality and thus became quite popular among customers. While purchasing HDMI cables one must make sure whether it actually meets their transmission requirements. Also the customer should thoroughly inquire about the product and its cost in order to avoid any kind of mishap. A lot of companies manufacturer HDMI cables. The HDMI cables that they offer are almost similar to one another, having minute variations which don’t make much difference to TV viewing. The price offered for the same product may also vary from company to company.


The HDMI cables have three types of connectors, with Type A and Type C having nineteen pins. The HDMI specification varies from version 1.0 to 1.4 with 1.4 being the latest version. The latest version is more expensive than the earlier versions as it uses the latest technology.

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