What’s new with HDMI 1.4?

There are some new features available in HDMI 1.4. High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) version 1.4 has networking capabilities along with the Ethernet connectivity. It also has an added an Audio Return Channel which allows upstream audio connections through your HDMI cable.

What is the HDMI Ethernet Channel?

The HDMI Ethernet Channel allows an HDMI device which is Internet-enabled to have its Internet connection shared with other HDMI devices. The best feature of this is that no separate Ethernet Cable is required for this connection. The HDMI-enabled devices can thus share their content on the same connection platform. With this new specification, the HDMI cable will have a new data channel added so that it can allow communication in two directions at high speed. The device will have a speed of about 100 MB/second and any kind of IP-based application is possible on it.

Audio Return Channel Using HDMI

In the new specification it is possible to add an Audio Return Channel which leads to the reduction of cables needed to deliver audio upstream, so that processing and playback can be done. With this specification the 3D format and resolution are possible in devices which are HDMI enabled. These specifications also support high-definition playback and almost four times more than the current 1080p resolution.

HDMI Cables

Many new HDMI cables have been introduced to the market so that users can take the advantage of the HDMI Ethernet Channel. These are Standard HDMI Cables, High Speed HDMI Cables, and Standard HDMI Cable with Ethernet and High-speed HDMI Cable enabled with Ethernet.

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