Understanding the various specifications relating to HDMI cables

HDMI cables are extremely popular with individuals who wish to watch high definition movies on a large screen. It is important that you understand the different technical specifications pertaining to HDMI cables. There are many different kinds of HDMI cables available in the market. It is important to understand your needs and requirements prior to opting for them.

If you are looking for ideas on HDMI cables, refer to the tips mentioned below.

HDMI 1.0

HDMI v1.0 was the first cable that was launched in order to enable users to transfer high quality data from the storage unit to the display device. While it was introduced in 2002, it still remains popular with users who prefer cheaper cables. It is important to note that HDMI v1.0 is capable of transmitting data with a resolution of 1080p.

HDMI 1.1

HDMI v1.1 was introduced in 2004. It consisted of various upgrades and enhancements to v1.0. The ability to transfer digital surround sound without affecting the quality was the most notable upgrade to v1.0. It should also be noted that HDMI v1.1 can transfer data at 4.9 GBPS.

HDMI 1.2

Launched in 2005, HDMI 1.2 offered super audio CD support apart from easy connection and data transfer from your PC to the display device. The transfer of native PC display signals is also possible with the help of HDMI 1.2.

Considering your needs, requirements and budget is important when it comes to opting for HDMI cables.

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