The HDMI feature that gives you total control over your home cinema system!

Whilst connecting one television set via a HDMI cable renders the CEC optional feature useless, you can notice its full potential when used in a home theatre cinema. This amazing feature makes handling all of the devices from a home cinema system easy to use and offers the best system level automation you can experience. Even though the entire process is dependable on a single pin, users will be glad to learn that the consumer electronic control option permits a bi-directional communication between the HDMI device and the display source. In addition, the feature is also able to understand other standard commands that vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Whilst not until long ago users needed to press three or more buttons on the remote control in order to play a media file, nowadays thanks to the CEC features and standard commands, it is all being replaced by one button push. The one touch play option found in many HMDI devices replaces the necessity of switching on the HDMI input via an A/V receiver or any other downstream device. In addition, because the HDMI device does not need to send the power on and input further on, controlling the display source is significantly faster.

One of the greatest benefits this feature can provide a home cinema system is the remote control pass through. This option has the role of transmitting infrared signals from the remote control to areas that are out of line of sight. What is truly amazing about the remote control pass through is the fact that when the user presses the command, the signal is sent to the CEC that identifies it and passes it through to the upstream device it was addressed to. Another great feature provided by CEC, is the tuner control that allows users to perform specific commands on their remote control without having to program it according to brand standards previously.

Since people with a home cinema system do not make such an investment just to watch TV or movies, another great option of the CEC feature is the deck control. The deck control allows you to have access to the controls of a peripheral device that is connected to a display source. Moreover, users can manage the videos and photos they have in a camcorder, for instance, with the remote control without having to program it to work with the specific information associated with that device brand.

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