The different versions of HDMI

HDMI cables transmit high definition digital video and audio to and from your HD television. Since its release in 2002, the HDMI standard has undergone many upgrades.

HDMI cables Version 1.

Released in December 2002, providing a maximum transmission bit rate of 4.9Gbps and capable of supporting video resolution of up to 1080p, this offers a digital audio-video connection in just a single-cable.

HDMI cables Version 1.1.

Released in May 2004, the only added feature from Version 1 is that it is DVD compatible.

HDMI cables Version 1.2.

Debuting in August 2004, it is PC enabled along with permitted usage of RGB format and also offers DSD (Direct Stream Digital) support.

HDMI cables Version 1.2a.

Closely following Version 1.2 is 1.2a, it was released in December 2004. It supports a feature that guarantees enhanced interoperability between different electronic gadgets, CEC (Consumer Electronic Control).

HDMI cables Version 1.3.

This version officially appeared in the market in June 2006 and goes a step further to offer increased transmission bit rate from 4.9Gbps to 10.4Gbps. It also provides a mini connector port to interface with high definition camcorders. It also offers deep colour support.

HDMI cables Version 1.4.

The latest to debut in the market in 2009, it incorporates an Ethernet channel with a connecting link which supports 3D and advanced HD resolutions. Besides this, it also offers additional links for data transfer to mobiles and car gadgets.

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