Smart guide to buying long HDMI cables

HDMI stands for high definition multimedia interface. It is a compact interface for transmission of uncompressed digital information. There are many different kinds of cables available for HDMI connections. Here we shall discuss the features of long HDMI cables.

Long HDMI transmission cables

Long HDMI cables can connect devices over a distance of 50 feet. The market has HDMI cables available which are tested to perform well at distances of 50 to 100 feet with 1080p. An equalizer may be required for enhancing the signal for such distances. The best way to see if it works well or not is to simply connect your devices and check the performance yourself. Every device may not be able to transmit signals over such distances without signal boosters. Sometimes, two different cables of the same specifications from one manufacturer may also perform differently.

What to look for

If the cable is capable of long distance transmission even a 100 foot cable would work perfectly fine without the help of a signal booster. Long distance HDMI cables which are unable to perform will have obvious signs. The images will be distorted and pixilated. It may happen that the cable simply does not transmit any image at all. Sound will work but the video will be sluggish.

If this happens try to get a replacement from the seller try the diagnostics again. Buy a signal booster for the cable and try a slightly shorter cable. There are HDMI cable equalizers available in the market. These equalizers preserve the strength of the signal. They will boost the quality and remove the disturbances, interferences etc. A certain amount of trial and error may solve your problem.

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