Running full-screen dual monitors with HDMI

HDMI cables can be used to plug in to your laptops or monitor to make them run at their full resolution (which is also known as 1080p). If we want to run two monitors simultaneously connected by an HDMI cable then there occurs a problem and the second monitor will not run at its full resolution. We will try to figure out way to deal with that problem in this write-up.

Well, firstly you need to figure out a way to connect two monitors with a 1080p resolution simultaneously to the same output to get a dual monitor setup. You need connect the HDMI output of your monitor or your laptop to the second monitor using an HDMI cable and you are good to go. But the problem you will encounter is that the second screen will display a black boundary around the image which means that it is not showing the highest resolution. This will happen even after you set the windows screen configuration to its maximum resolution (1080p) and take care of all the other settings. Even if you try to connect any media-center PC/laptop to an HDTV using an HDMI cable you will face the same problem.

Now to solve this problem you need to know that your primary laptop/PC (from which the image is transferred to the second monitor) contains an ATI graphics processor that will allow you customized control over the display of your screens with the use of the ATI Catalyst Control Center. Also remember to do this only when both the monitors are connected. Here is how you can solve or correct the screen of even your second monitor when trying to connect with the HDMI cable. Firstly, launch the Catalyst Control Center and switch over to the advanced mode to correct the resolution. You will find a ‘Graphics’ button at the upper left corner of the screen. You need to click it and a drop down menu will appear. Select ‘Desktops and Displays’. You will find a tab saying ‘please select a display’ under which you need to select the monitor whose screen resolution you want to set and then click ‘configure’. Now you will notice a ‘Scaling options’ tab on your screen. When you click on this option a bar will appear on your screen with ‘Underscan’ written on one side and ‘Overscan’ written on the other. What needs to be done to drag the bar towards the overscan side till the time the size of the image on your second monitor increases to the size of the display and the black boundary disappears.

If you follow the above steps you’ll surely be able to connect two monitors together using an HDMI cable and make both of them work at their highest native resolution which is 1080p. Considering you have spent a lot of money on your high resolution monitors make sure you adjust them to maximum resolution when connecting with an HDMI cable to get the ultimate viewing experience.

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