Reasons to choose HDMI cables over component cables

HDMI cables are audio/digital cables that provide a digital connection between your HDTV and other audio/video systems like cable box, DVD players and home cinema systems. These cables come in different versions and wire lengths. They are capable of transmitting uncompressed audio and video data.

Due to a number of advantages that HDMI cables offer, they are now used as an efficient alternative over composite video, VGA, D-terminal video and radio frequency coaxial cable. A proper match of quality cable will provide you with unmatched output and feel of home theatre.

Many people get confused when making a choice between component cables and HDMI cables. While both cables are widely used with home entertainment systems, it is better to go for the right one.

Innovative features of HDMI cables

Unlike the component cables, HDMI cables can transmit audio and video signals using a single cable. They are specially designed to offer uninterrupted signal connectivity along with durability. Gold coated HDMI cables are also available in the market. These cables are known to improve the performance of high-definition audio-video transmissions.

HDMI cables can support any video format from your PC or TV. The cost of these cables often varies depending on their grade and version. As HDMI cables can carry both audio and video signals, the need of having different connectivity cables is completely eliminated. If you still connect your PlayStation, Xbox 360 or a Blu-ray player with the traditional component cables, use HDMI cables and experience the difference.

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