Looking for ways to setup your HDMI cable? Refer to the following tips

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cables can be used for transferring data from your computer, external Hard Disk Drive or Blu-ray player to a display device. These connectors carry much more information than just the basic A/V data and hence can deliver a sharper and clearer image to your display screen.
If you are trying to setup an HDMI cable, refer to the steps mentioned below.


Ensure that your TV set is HDMI compatible. You can do this by looking for HDMI ports on the back of your TV set.

Connecting a HDD to the display device

Check your home cinema system for HDMI outlets. Use these ports to route all of the connectors to your TV set. You can also connect these cables directly to your TV instead of using an adaptor. (Your TV will need to be compatible with the latest Cable if you wish to connect the cable directly).

Connecting a cable to the Blu-ray player

Insert one end of your HDMI cable into the HDMI port of your Blu-ray or DVD player. Connect the other end of your connector to the TV set. Repeat the step with your other different components until all the cables are connected.

The ‘in’ and ‘out’ port

Ensure that you connect the HDMI cables between the ‘out’ port of you’re A/V receiver and the ‘in’ port of your TV set. This is because the data will be transferred from the A/V receiver to the TV and not the other way round.

Turn it on and enjoy your movie

Turn on your TV, access the menu and set the signal to whichever HDMI port you have connected the cable to. Turn on the A/V receiver if applicable and enjoy the latest movie or sport in High-Definition.

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