How to go about checking your HDMI cable for any issues

HDMI stands for high definition multimedia interface, which is the new face of the evolving technology in entertainment. HDMI cable is a single cable unlike your normal A/V cable which is a pair of two cables for audio and video functionalities. This innovative HD accessory is pivotal and a necessity when it comes to providing high definition video and audio signals between your HD compatible devices.

The HDMI cable is built to deliver high performance for your TV and sound systems. Any chances of playback or operation issues are rare. Here we guide you as to how you can go about checking you HDMI cables in case of any problems. It is better to perform some minor steps to check what is causing the error rather than buying a new HDMI cable.

Steps to check your HDMI cable

Check the connections first to make sure that the HDMI cable is inserted properly at both the ends. Incorrect connections will cause disconnection between the signals reaching the TV set. Next, you need to examine the metal connectors of the HDMI cable. Unplug the ends of the cable from the devices and check for any dirt deposited in them.

Wipe the cable ends with a damp piece of cloth and allow the cable to dry before plugging it back in. Use a vacuum cleaner to blow compressed air into the HDMI ports of your devices to get rid of any debris or dust gathered there. Also try using any alternative HDMI port or outlet on your devices.

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