HDMI cables – How do they work?

The HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a port used to transmit direct digital signals to televisions or monitors. These signals are a combination of audio and video transmissions. One end of the cable is connected to an audio or video device, while the other end is connected to a television or monitor. HDMI cables provide high-end digital and audio signals with enhanced picture and sound quality. The popularity of HDMI cables has increased which has resulted in the demise of analogue and coaxial cables.

How does a HDMI cable work?

The HDMI cable has 19 pins into one single interface, of these the first 9 pins convert analogue transmission into digital signals. The next 3 pins in the cable send digital signals to data channels. The 10th and 12th pins regularise and synchronise data. The other wires perform various other functions, some power the HDMI interface while others ensure that there is uninterrupted communication between the sending device (DVD player) and the receiving device (Television).

The uses of HDMI cables

HDMI cables can be used on various devices to get great picture and sound quality. Here are some applications where HDMI cables can be used.

• Home theatre systems.

• Televisions

• Video Game Consoles (WII, Play Station, X-BOX)

• Desktop Computers and Projectors

• DVD Players and Blu-ray Discs

Using a HDMI cable on these devices enhances picture quality and gives the user a pleasurable video and gaming experience. It also enhances sound quality. HDMI cables can also transmit data faster than analogue cables.

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