HDMI cables – From a layperson’s perspective

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables are an excellent choice when connecting high definition TV’s, gaming consoles, personal computers and DVD players. These cables transmit audio and visual data in digital format. HDMI cables are compatible with any appliance as they can transmit digital which gives you amazing picture quality.

How do HDMI cables work?

HDMI cables use the core transmission functionality through a twisted pair of wires. As the signal is being passed via the cable to the device, it is converted and encoded. The electronic device emits a signal that is digital or analogue in format. This is completely dependent on the quality of the electronic device. The DVD player then receives the signal through the cable to the TV through one of the pairs of wires. The TV then receives both the previous and the inverse image signal, which is transmitted through the second wire. The electronic device checks the difference and uses this to give you an excellent image quality.

The HDMI cable, thus optimises the output of your electronic device giving you only the best picture. With HDMI cables there is no need to have long wires because the longer your cable, the higher the chance of signal degradation happening.

Take a pick from the different versions of HDMI cables that are available in the market. It is advisable to use the appropriate cable for the device you have to get the best viewing quality, whether it is for your HD TV or gaming console.

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