HDMI Cables are Here To Stay

HDMI cables have in recent years established themselves as the best way to connect your High Definition devices. In fact you could argue that due to the sheer versatility of HDMI cables, they are the ONLY way to connect them. Here is a quick rundown of why everyone should join the HDMI cables revolution.

What Is The Difference Between HDMI cables and my old cables?

Comparing HDMI cables to older standards like SCART is a bit like comparing a state of the art LED flat screen TV with a John Logie Baird creation. HDMI cables are digital. That means that HDMI cables send signals from one device to the other in an uncompressed standard unaffected by signal degradation and at high enough speeds to ensure you get to see your content in full high definition. What’s more HDMI cables can be used to connect all of your devices without the need for all the different audio and video leads, aerials and the like. HDMI cables can connect anything with an HDMI port, you would be surprised at both the difference in quality and the sheer number of applications HDMI cables provide for.

Which HDMI cables will fit my equipment, there seem to be so many!

The reality is that any HDMI cables you choose will be up to the task of bringing out HD content from your PC, BluRay or games consoles. However, HDMI cables continue to innovate and the latest incarnation, referred to as HDMI 1.4 go one step further but remain backwards compatible too. These HDMI cables have an extra in built ethernet channel which means connected devices can send and receive data, readying them for online functionality without the need for separate cables. For example, you will be able to connect your BluRay player to the internet, but browse the internet using your TV. These HDMI cables really are the future as soon all of our devices will be online in one form or another.

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