HDMI cables – A brief overview

HDMI cables are an integral part of a high-definition entertainment system today. They offer several essential benefits to consumers. Here are some of the facts pertaining to HDMI cables:

The origin of HDMI cables:

These cables were introduced back in 2002 when they were launched by a major electronics giant. The manufacturers developed the High Definition Multimedia Interface technology during this same period.

What are the features of HDMI cables?

The best thing about using HDMI cables is – you do not have to purchase separate cables for audio and video transmission. HDMI transmits all the information via a single cable. In addition, HDMI also permits multi-channel sound as well as uncompressed video.

The significance of HDMI cables

At the end of 2008, almost 229 million HDMI cables were sold. Reports also suggest that around 1 billion electronic devices will contain HDMI cables and ports by the year 2012. Similarly, it is expected that all the HD TV sets will contain HDMI ports in the near future.

New HDMI specifications

In 2009, HDMI 1.4 was launched in the market. The 1.4 version offers complete surround sound support. It also has Ethernet networking for electronic devices so can transmit data over the internet. Similarly, HDMI 1.4 cables can be used along with HDTV sets which offer 1080p resolution.

Thus HDMI cables can not only reduce the unnecessary mess of wires behind a TV set but also allow the viewers to enjoy movies in HD.

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