HDMI cables – their different features and uses

HDMI cables are the new form of connectivity in the technology arena. They are capable of carrying high-definition audio and video signals. Over the past few years, the HDMI interface has become widespread. People now prefer using HDMI cables because they enhance the HDTV viewing experience.

Know more about HDMI cables

The high definition multimedia interface or HDMI is a digital video/audio connector. It is used for transmitting digital uncompressed data over a range of different communication sources (both video/audio).

HDMI cables are the best substitute over the standard analogue cables. For instance, they can be used as a digital option over composite video, SCART, analogue radio frequency (RF) coaxial cables, D-Terminal, Separate Video (S-video or Y/C), VGA (Video Graphics Array) and component video.

HDMI cables can be used for connecting the following components –

• DVD players
• Set top boxes
• Blu-ray disc players
• High definition DVD players
• Personal computers (PCs)
• Camcorders (Video camera recorder)
• Computer monitors
• Digital TV
• Gaming consoles (Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3)

The Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are some of the most popular gaming consoles sold today. To enjoy the best gaming experience, individuals connect their gaming consoles with plasma and LCD TVs.

The connectivity cables used to carry audio and video signals separately. However, this is completely eliminated with the use of HDMI cables. This cable also doubles up as a USB cable, making data transfer easier and faster.

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