HDMI cables – connect to the future of HD media

When the high definition media interface or HMDI was first released it took the world by storm. It gave the audio-visual experience a complete make-over. This change came about with the coming of HD TVs, speakers and Blu-ray players. But to connect these media devices and enjoy their true quality you need to use HDMI cables.

HDMI cables have a lot of advantages and technological advancements over conventional component cables. Here we will discuss a few of these advantages.

Fewer wires

This is because a single HDMI cable transfers both audio and video signals as opposed to older SCART cables which need two separate leads for audio and video. There are usually only half as many wires when using HDMI.

No loss in picture quality

Traditional component cables could carry only analogue signals, and hence the digital signals had to be converted to analogue before the transmission between devices took place. At the reception of the signals, the data type needed to be converted back to digital from analogue. This kind of transformation of signal, from one type to another, and then back again, caused a reduction in the data quality. Since HDMI cables directly transmit digital signals, there is no loss of data quality and no noise produced.

Less power consumption

Since there is no transformation of signal happening at either end during transmission or reception, it leads to the saving of power which would otherwise be used.

These are only the very basic advantages of HDMI cables. There are a lot more benefits which HDMI cables have over conventional cables. They give you a dramatic change in your picture and sound quality and enhance your media viewing experience.

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