HDMI cables – compliment the PlayStation 3 and provide great connectivity

The Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) was launched on November 11, 2006, in Japan. It makes use of Blu-ray discs as a primary storage medium. Also, an HDMI port was added to the console for the best all-round multimedia experience. The NVIDIA RSX reality synthesizer handles the graphics processing needs. This gives you output resolutions of up to 1080p HD when you connect it to your gaming console using HDMI cables.

The PS3 has its own graphical user interface called Xross Media Bar (XMB). This makes the PS3 apt for robust multimedia experiences that let you view photos, play music, games and videos and connect with the PS network.

When connected using HDMI cables, the PS3 offers the user a multifaceted experience that is sure to blow their mind. Games have been exclusively developed for the PS3 with great visual graphics and excellent gameplay, perfectly complimented by HDMI cables. The music quality is also enhanced via the HDMI cables to give the user a high definition audio output. The photo gallery is also augmented with HDMI. The PS3 console doubles up as a Blu-ray/DVD player as the video quality you can get is simply amazing. This gaming console supports any DVD, VCD and portable data storage devices.

The dedicated HDMI port meant for HDMI cables is definitely a great motivation for new age gamers because it allows the gaming console to be connected to a high definition TV. This is sure to give any gamer an out-of-this-world gaming experience.

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