HD Leads Offer Superb Upgrade at Low Cost

HD leads are soon to be found in every home in the UK as their analogue predecessors are already on the brink of becoming entirely defunct. HD leads are a digital revolution compared to SCART and old aerial cables. With HD leads, data is transferred uncompressed at high speeds meaning that HD leads have the power to give you the high definition content you are paying good money for.

What makes HD leads so special apart from their digital format, is their sheer versatility. You can use HD leads to connect almost all of your favourite devices. No, not your hair straighteners or mini-fridge, HD leads are good to go on your set top box, DVD, Bluray, PC, Laptop, HiFi, camera or mobile phone. One of your HD leads between two devices is all you need to connect. There are no male/female ends or colour coding to worry about with HD leads.

The technology of HD leads continues to develop as more and more high functioning tech reaches the market. The most advanced 3D internet ready TV sets utilise the latest high speed HD leads known as HDMI 1.4 which can handle enough data to far exceed the current 1080p standard HD video resolution.

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