Getting the sound in your TV to work using a laptop and HDMI cable

The use of HDMI cables with a laptop has become more common in recent times. HDMI cables help in the transmission of high quality data from a storage device on to your TV set. The most notable benefit of opting for HDMI cables is that the quality of the data being transferred is not affected as there is no conversion.

Refer to the tips mentioned below if you are looking to get the sound working in your TV using a laptop with an HDMI cable.

Tip 1: Get the connections right

It is important to get the connections right when it comes to connecting an HDMI cable with your TV. Route the connection from your laptop to an outside monitor by referring to the instructions provided in the HDMI manual. If you can hear the audio from a streaming video, you are good to go.

Tip 2: The use of a stereo audio cable

Connect a 3.5 mm single pronged audio stereo cable to your TV set. The other end should be plugged in to the HDMI jack in your laptop. Once you are done with setting the wires, connect the HDMI cable for video and ensure that the routing for the signal from the laptop to the TV set is configured accordingly.

Tip 3: Configuring the settings

Right click on the volume icon near the lower left part of your screen. Click on ‘Playback Devices’ and navigate to ‘Digital Output Device’. Configure the settings according to the device and click ‘OK’. While this method will work for the HDMI-HDMI connection, a DVI-HDMI connection will still need the 3.5 mm audio cable connection and speakers.

Tip 4: Still no sound?

If you still cannot hear any sound from your TV, ensure that the volume is turned up on the computer settings. If this does not work, seek advice from an expert.

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