Features of HDMI cables and different versions

With HDTVs, PlayStations and Blu-ray players becoming increasingly popular, it becomes important to choose the right type of cable for connection and broadcast. HDMI is the newest form of audio video interface used for transmitting the uncompressed digital data between HD devices like HDTVs, HD satellite boxes and HD DVD players.

Unlike traditional connection cables, HDMI cables offer a crystal clear, video, audio and all-digital signal through a single cable. HDMI cables are available in different versions including v1.0, v1.2, v1.3a, v1.3b and v1.4. Version 1.4 is the latest, while version 1.3 (a and b) are only used for testing specifications.

Version 1.4 of HDMI cables includes an Ethernet channel that is compatible with IP enabled devices. It also supports 3D with resolutions of up to 4096 X 2160. The best part of HDMI 1.4 is that it is completely backwards compatible with the earlier versions.

Things to look for when buying HDMI cables

When looking to purchase HDMI cables, there are some important things you need to look for. Ferrite EMI Suppressors are essential for minimising electromagnetic interference. They are mostly coils with a round barrel shape and can be found at one end of the HDMI cable.

As far as possible, look for double or triple shielded cables to improve the quality of the broadcast output signal. Gold plated connectors do not create any substantial effect on the image quality, but they do minimise oxidisation. With careful consideration of the above pointers, you can get the best quality HDMI cable for your HD equipment.

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