Ensuring you can receive HDTV

In order for your TV to receive high definition signals, you will need to replace the coaxial cable with an HDMI cable. This will allow for the transmission of sharper images and sound files from a storage unit to your display device. With the help of these cables, you can enjoy high definition TV and video.

Mentioned below are some of the basic things you will need for HDTV.

• HDMI cable
• HDMI converter box
• HDMI compatible high definition TV

Step 1: You should contact your cable or satellite operator for an upgrade to the existing set top box or if you do not have these services, you will need to purchase a new one yourself.

Step 2: Connect the coaxial cable that delivers the TV signal to the ‘video in’ port.

Step 3: Once you connect the coaxial cable to the ‘video in’ port, you can proceed by connecting the HDMI cable in the ‘video out’ port.

Step 4: Finally, connect the loose end of the HDMI cable into the open HDMI port in your TV. The HDMI port is usually located on the rear of your television set. Ensure that you get high quality audio/video. If you face any issues, repeat the aforementioned steps or contact the cable or satellite company and seek technical assistance.

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