Does the quality of the HDMI cable really matter?

There has always been the nagging doubt whether a high end HDMI cable makes a difference although the argument is simple; HDMI is digital so there is seemingly no use in spending more on a high end cable. There are no apparent advantages to using a higher quality cable than a cheaper one.

However, the answer to the argument is not that simple.


First of all, not all the HDMI cables are compatible with the applications. HDMI cables have not been around for a very long time. However, within a short span of time, it has seen three major releases; V1.1 – V1.3. And the latest standard V1.3 alone has three different versions; a, b and c. The latest versions of the cable invariably tend to cost more than the earlier versions. Although the difference between each version may be minimal, it is advisable to check if your television set requires a particular standard of the cable. Using a lower version may hamper the quality of the output.


Another factor under consideration is the length of the cable that you plan to use. The longer the cable used the better quality it should be. This is the case with any cable. Increases in the length, tends to introduce more noise and distortion into it. Therefore, if you plan to extend your cable, you need to be prepared to accept the fact that it is probably not going to work as well as it used to, or in very extreme cases, it might not work at all. Here the quality of the cable does make a difference.

Error correction

The last point of consideration is the ability of the cable to correct errors. When the cable is used with a compatible appliance, the error correction ability will simply try to guess the missing signal in the link. This basically means that there is a chance of error if the transmission does not take place properly. However, this may not be the case in a high quality cable. With a high quality cable, the chances are much lower of there being a break in the signal.

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