Connecting Your Macbook to Your HD Ready Television

Over the years we have seen unprecedented growth in the demand for new technology. The development of computer technology has accelerated drastically over the past ten years, resulting in a higher number of consumers that looks to only increase over the coming years. And how is the country’s obsession with technology manifesting itself? Largely through the purchase of Apple’s range of Macbooks. The Guardian discusses Apple’s sudden popularity in comparison to PC’s – it seems there is a craze for those iconic sleek silver and white designs. And it looks like Macs are only going to get bigger (or rather, smaller) and better. So we’re here to let you know how to connect your television cable to a Macbook, so that if and when you decide to get one, you can keep using your existing HDMI cables.
Most TV’s made in the last few years should already have an HDMI port – this is one of the main features of an HD Ready TV, so double check by all means, but you should find one on your TV. The next thing to do is check that the port on your Macbook and the port on your television are compatible. This all depends on which generation of Macbook you have, and how old (or cheap) your television is. Check your Mac first: if it’s a more recent version, it should have the Thunderbolt (otherwise known as Light Peak) port. Read up more about the Thunderbolt here – it’s quite a clever little piece of technology. The Thunderbolt is compatible with a HDMI port – all you need is an HDMI cable and a MiniDisplay Port to HDMI adaptor. Get an adaptor from Amazon and you’re set!
An earlier version of the Macbook won’t have the Thunderbolt technology, and will probably instead have a MiniDisplay Port. However, luckily nothing else will change – you can still use a combination of HDMI lead with a MiniDisplay Port to HDMI adaptor. Have a look at our HDMI leads and take your pick from our different sizes and capacities.
We’re treading back through history now, but if your Macbook is old enough to have a Mini DVI port, you can still transfer images to your TV. The only problem is that the Mini DVI port is incapable of transferring audio, so it’s not easy to watch films on the television from your laptop. However, for photos and images, the Mini DVI port works just as well as any other kind, and is compatible with an HDMI cable. Like with the other ports, you will need an adaptor, only this time you’ll need a Mini DVI to HDMI adaptor. Find one here on Amazon. Once you have this, you can use your regular HDMI cable and connect your Macbook and TV no problem!
We hope this has been useful for you. We think Macbooks are fantastic, but understand that sometimes you just need the big screen to watch your favourite films and videos! That’s why we’re pleased to be able to help you find solutions for linking your Macbook to your television. Happy watching!

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