Compatibility of Blu-ray, HDMI and AV receivers

Sometimes there are situations when you would want to view High-definition; high clarity images on your HDTV, home theater system or flat-screen LCDs, or you want to enjoy your football matches at home with your family and friends. However, is this possible? Yes, there are different ways and means by which you can enhance the image on your existing television screens.

Firstly, you might think why you need to buy a blu-ray DVD player when you standard DVD player offers you up-converting facility wherein a standard 720p image will be converted to a1080p image. The reason is that surely your Standard DVD player is de-interlacing and up-converting the images but the resultant image is not a High-definition image. It is very good but not truly high-definition. All the images we say through our cable or satellite are HD so it only makes sense to get a Blu –ray DVD player that gives us HD images of high quality. Even blu-ray players have up-converting and interlacing abilities that are superior to your standard DVD player. So, even a simple DVD when played using a blu-ray will result in a superior quality image. Some blu-ray discs also have something called BD live that can help unlock extra features in the DVD. Blu-ray discs are 1080p resolution but they can be used even if you HDTV are only 720p. This makes sense because even when your HDTV is 720p it will still display an HD image. Using a blu-ray disc will show an image that is far sharper and clearer as compared to when using a standard DVD player. Therefore, it is always recommendable to buy a blu-ray DVD player for your HDTV.

Now let’s come to issues concerning your AV receiver. You can be able to connect your blu-ray DVD player to your HDTV even if your AV receiver does not have an HDMI input. What is required to be done for this purpose is that you bypass your AV receiver and directly connect your blu-ray DVD player to your HDTV using your TVs HDMI input. Your blu-ray player can also give you superior quality soundtracks because of its ability to play Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD master. Standard DVD players can play Dolby digital and dts soundtracks that do sound very good they will result in data losses whenever six channels of sound are compressed to fit into the space available on a standard DVD. Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD master on the other hand are lossless and do not cause loss of data. Even if your AV receiver decodes only Dolby digital you can get superior sound if you connect your blu-ray player directly to your HDTV.

So, get a blu-ray DVD player this season of football and use it with your HDTV to get true HD images of the highest resolution. An AV receiver should not be a problem as the Blu-ray player can be directly connected to your HDTV using an HDMI cable to give you superior sound and HD viewing experience.

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