Buy a cheap but reliable SCART or HDMI lead

After a lab test of three SCART and HDMI leads, each priced differently, it is clear that expensive leads are not always a necessary buy.

What is a SCART or HDMI lead?

SCART leads allow the connection of your TV with other audio or visual equipment like DVD players, set-top boxes and PVRs. However, HDMI leads go a step further and ensure connections to HDTVs. This means in case you would prefer watching videos or films on Blu-ray, an HDMI lead will need to be connected to your Blu-ray player as it supports that resolution.

Usually the rates for HDMI leads that perform similar functions vary. It is not necessary that just an HDMI lead alone can ensure a better experience for viewing. In order for a good viewing experience your TV must be equally good beside your HDMI or SCART lead.

A cheap lead can still be a reliable lead

According to certain lab research, the cheapest HDMI lead can often be as good as the costliest one. Some viewers agree that the quality for pictures is the same for most leads as they perform identically. Even the data that is transferred through all HDMI leads do not have any errors.

This only shows that even a cheap HDMI lead or SCART lead can sometimes perform on par with that of higher priced leads in the market. As you are the ultimate user of these HDMI products, it is you who must decide on a product that is suitable for your needs. Purchase a product that you feel is reasonable for your budget and will deliver what you require.

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