A guide to buying HDMI cables

HDMI is now a standard audio video interface for transmitting digital data between HDTVs and other high definition devices. As HDMI is able to transmit uncompressed digital data, the HDTV gets all-digital, crystal-clear audio video signal through a single cable.

Different versions of HDMI technology

The HDMI cable comes in different versions. Version 1.4 is, however, the latest and the most updated specification that incorporates an Ethernet channel. The newest version of the HDMI cable is compatible with IP equipment. The version 1.4 also supports 3D with resolutions of up to 4096 X 2160. Newer HDMI cable versions are completely backward compatible with earlier versions.

How to select an HDMI cable

When looking for HDMI cables, you will come across two different types – high-speed and standard. Both can be used with 780p and 1080i devices. The high-speed HDMI cables can also be used with 1080p devices like PS3 gaming consoles and Blu-ray players. When purchasing HDMI cables, there are some important things you need to consider.

The length of cable, your budget and the audio-visual equipment you want to connect your HDTV with, are some important points to consider. The material and build quality of HDMI cable also affects the overall length.

Ideally, it is best to use a 7.5M long HDMI cable without losing quality. In case you want to extend the cable length, it will be wise to use amplifiers. They are a great way to increase signal quality without it deteriorating.

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