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3m Ultimate Black Toslink Cable M to M

  • 24K Gold Plated Inner Pins
  • Free From Distortion
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS
  • Multi-Core Fibre Conductor for a Crystal Clear sound experience
  • Ultra Flexible Jacket for Advanced Protection
Model number: UBT3
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This Ultimate Black Toslink Optical cable is 4mm in diameter which improves over the cheaper 3mm cables which retail for approximately the same price. The thicker the cable diameter the less prone the fibers in the cable are to break down, which can be common on budget cables available.

Our Ultimate Toslink Optical cable is great value and introduces you into the world of digital sound. Has Gold Plated pins for optimum signal transfer. Plug this cable into DVD, amplifiers or stereo systems and sit back and enjoy Dolby Digital or DTS sound.

Digital Optical Audio Cables - Constructed of fibre optic cables and are capable of carrying multichannel audio such as PCM, Dolby Digital and DTS.

Optical cables use pulses of light instead of copper wire to transmit the audio data thus making them less prone to electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference. Optical cables are fitted with standard Toslink plugs, Toslink sockets found on audio and video equipment are small and square in shape and sometimes fitted with dust caps. Types of equipment where optical cables are commonly used include gaming consoles, DVD players, Blu-Ray Players, HDTV's, Computers, etc.

Optical cables will give you a marked improvement in sound quality over stereo / analogue installations and can reproduce movie soundtracks exactly as it was meant to be heard.

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  •  24 Carat Gold Platedhover for more info
  •  1 Year Guarantee

Ultimate Black Toslink Cable M to M Reviews

Mahmood Mayet
Excellent cable, great quality. 5 stars is not enough.
E. Branson
Robust, good quality cabling - works perfectly. No loss of signal strength. Forget the over priced top shelf cables - for domestic use, I'd struggle to tell the difference!
Nick Palmer
This cable has a real high quality feel about it and copes well with being fed through trunking.
Sound quality is very good
Highly recommended
Jane Needham
Very good quality cables well deserve 5 stars. Sonically I've noticed a marked improvement in sound. Excellent value for money
Josh Parsons
Just bought a soundbar and needed a digital optical cable for a reasonable price and this was exactly the cable i needed.
compared to my friends, who paid an arm and a leg for his its does the same and with quality to match.
Carl Gregory
ToSlink cables have traditionally been very expensive so when I saw this, I took a chance thinking it might be a bit poor given the price, I was wrong. Excellent cable with handy end protectors.
Sarah Rothschild
Perfectly adequate cable. Not worth paying more for digital transfer as no loss of quality with cheaper products. Gold plating makes no difference.
Alan Roberts
So pleased with this - I have a surflink media device to stream the output from my television to my hearing aids but I couldn't make it work with the provided RCA jacks. So I bought this hoping that it would work and lo and behold it did - wonderful!
H. Singh
Bought this product to go with my new sound bar, after reading up on this product I decided to buy it. Arrived next day as quoted
and so after 5 mins I was up and running. A lot better than the original cable.
would recommend.
Peter Milliband
I bought this to see what it was like and was not disappointed. I'm a bit of a HIFI Buff and can detect little difference between this and other products at 5 or 6 times the price.
Rajesh Muttally
Product arrived on time.
Appears to be good quality, and it operating exactly as I was hoping it would do.
The connections seem to be solid.
Can't think of a reason why I wouldnt give it 5 starts
zohra shamsuddin
Does the job perfectly at a great price, Just the same as my more expensive cable. Couldn't ask for more.
Darcy Dorrington
Rather than connecting my xbox 360 and my sky box separately to my Marantz amp it was much easier to get this cable and to connect my amp straight to my smart tv. Now wether I am watching tv or on my xbox, all my sound is diverted from one place to my amp. It sounds absolutely brilliant. Definitely a five star.
William Berry
Great quality and value. Worked as expected and seemed to be solidly constructed. Same quality as those expensive name brands.. Like Bose but a fraction of the price
Terry Gardner
I've purchased a few cables from this company and all are well made for the money and work perfectly . I'll never buy expensive cables again.
Jim warburg
This cable is very nice, the size of the cable its perfect for my use and the build quality of the cable is very good.
Mr Wordsworth
I WANDERED lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.
Paul Hanson
I ordered this cable to connect my Apple TV to my amplifier and it is doing the job perfectly. Carrying an optical signal, I wasn't worried about electromagnetic interference or signal degradation so I ordered the 3m cable in case in future I need to connect devices that are further apart. The excess is coiled up neatly out of view. The connectors feel sturdy and well built and they click into place firmly and securely. Couldn't ask for more.
Terence Dunstable
Very prompt delivery, well packed, a very high quality product at a very good price good price, connected it up and it work perfectly.
Miss T. Powers
I bought a Samsung Soundbar and it turned out that in order to connect it to my Samsung Smart TV I required an Optical Digital cable.

So I ordered this one and it worked a treat!
Richard King
I couldn't flaw this item, the product itself seems to be of a good quality especially for the price. The item was delivered as expected - on time and in great condition.
N. Williams
Cables are cables - and I get that. But this one arrived on time, appears to be high quality and works a treat. It's also nice to see it made with good quality materials but also look nice. I'd definitely recommend this cable for a bit of bling - especially if it's visible.
B. G. Parkinson
Excellent Quality product.Bought this for my samsung tv to connect direct to the amp and works a treat.This cable is well worth the money for its lenth and the feel is very good, not cheap rubbish you could pay a lot more for.If you need one of these then look no further.
Robin Davis
Outstanding product! Very high quality, good rubber finish to prevent any snagging or tearing. The end connectors are a solid build that should last a long time even if you are likely to move them around a lot.
Tom porter
I bought this cable for a panasonic sound stage which I had connected to my tv through a cheap optical cable which sounded ok but not great :-( . Now it sounds great thanks to this quality cable :-)
P. Richardson
I needed to replace a cable that was now far too short. Not only did this do the job, it was of vastly better quality than the flimsy thing it replaced: and at a good price.
John Hendrikson
It is a well made cable, it fits perfectly on the optical output/inputs that I have got available. Excellent price compared with similar cables sold by other retailers.
patrick murray
Just bought this for my Samsung sound bar and is a vast improvement on the supplied analogue audio cable. Would recommend this cable as a lost cost, high quality item.
Theo Onassis
Fantastic item. No messing around, the quality of item was better than I could of asked for. Perfect for extending the tv away from your audio equipment.
Paul Whighting
These are very good quality at a great price. DONT buy these on the HIGH STREET as you will get ripped off!! Picture and audio quality is superb!!!
Graeme perthshire
Very good cable. Feels of good quality and fitted the TV and Hifi perfectly and the sound quality has improved from a previous cable that was used.
Feroz Balseria
A very high quality nicely made Optical cable.
Gold connections, and well made durable cable and metal fittings, and very good detailed sound.
Simon Parkinson
Ample enough length for what I needed. Well made and not a cheap product. Had no issues with picture or sound quality. Would purchase again.
Francis Pilgrim
Sound output using this cable is really good.. I replaced company provided ones with these for my Yamaha Soundbar and it's been awesome..
Javid Khan
Great plug. I purchased this one due to it having metal ends, rather than the normal plastic ones on other brands. Those tend to break.
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Cable Uses:

  • XBOX 360
  • PS3
  • Blu-ray Player
  • Laptops AND PC's
  • Surround sound systems
  • AV Amplifiers
  • All TV's including LCD, Plasma, LED
  • Home Audio
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Now: £7.49
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