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DVI to HDMI cable

The DVI cable was launched sometime in 1988. The main use of this cable was to carry out uncompressed the digital data video to a terrific display. Initially the display was limited only to the monitor of the computer, but later it was used for the monitor of the televisions. The DVI cable needs a good detached wire which will help support the audio system.

The HDMI cam was launched recently in the later part of 2002. It even has the capability to support the audio signals along with the video signals. The HDMI cable needs just one wire for both audio as video signals. The wiring in the HDMI cable is very much compact and easy.

Basically it is the DVI cable as well as the HDMI cables which are the main cables for transmitting the digital signals as well as they are also a source like TV, the Blu-Ray disc player.

A DVI to HDMI cable will help integrate the legacy analogue the older DVD players and even a gaming console which has a DVI connector. The process of being able to network most of the consumer electronic products is made very easy because of the DVI to HDMI cable. Because it takes only a single cable that is required to transmit the video and also the audio data between the DVI to HDMI cable.

The DVI to HDMI cable has an added advantage of because it is the HDMI cable that has a technology of having a very high bandwidth, and also uncompressed support of the video. Because of the DVI to HDMI cable it is just possible and easy to use only a single remote control, and thus turn off all your electronic devices which are in your network.

A DVI to HDMI cable will help you connect a very high definition TV which could just be a few feet away to a gaming console, or can even connect a huge and big entertainer along with features like the surround sound and some important components which are nearly 50 ft away. The DVI TO HDMI cable manufacturers make sure that the integrity of the signal will reach up to a particular length. The DVI to HDMI cables comes in 22, 26, and 28 (AWG) with nearly 22 gauges which are really robust. A 28 AWG cable which is nearly up to 31 feet can basically support an installation which is standard and has a display with the following resolutions like 480p, 480i, 1080p and 1080i.

The manufacturers of the DVI to HDMI cable make sure that they thoroughly test all their products in comparison to the other devices in the market which are made by the other manufacturers in the market. It is only a reliable DVI to HDMI cable that will surely carry an HDMI logo.

The quality of the DVI to HDMI cable is very much superior and outstanding. The DVI to HDMI convert cables is increasing in a great extent because of the concern of the compatibility. Today we have a variety of DVI to HDMI models that are available in the market.

Today they are bi directional DVI to HDMI cables which are very useful because they can easily interconnect the DVI and HDMI digital interface media devices. The DVI to HDMI cables definitely provides a very good signal quality for over huge and big distances. This is the main reason as to why most of the customers these days prefer to go in for DVI to HDMI cables which will connect their home theatre system and also such other Hi-Fi electronic gadgets at their homes.

The best DVI to HDMI cables always makes sure that they reduce the user interface. The technology of both the cables use the similar scheme of encoding, where a converter is not really required to connect a HDMI monitor to a suitable DVI source or vice versa. There may not be noticeable differences between the HDMI and the DVI connections.

The new DVI to HDMI dongle which was introduced by Ratoc makes it easily and readily possible to convert the DVI signals to high definition HDMI signals. This product is perfectly suited for the LCD monitors and also the TVs monitors.

The DVI to HDMI cables are best suited and will fit all your needs. The DVI to HDMI cables are designed in such a way that they make sure to bring the connectivity, the signal strength, and the longevity to very big definition of audio and video signals for the home theatres, the plasma TV screens and various other similar electronic gadgets.

The DVI to HDMI cables are basically made in a way which connects the DVI of a computer into a high definition LCD television or a Plasma screen. The DVI to HDMI cables can even be gold plated; this helps in increasing their performance.