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HDMI Cables Explained

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HDMI Cables Explained

HDMI is a standard used for the technology of High-Definition Multimedia Interface. Hitachi, Matsushita Electric Industrial, Philips, Toshiba, Sony and Thomson in collaboration as a group founded this technology in the year 2002. And since the related products, the most significant one being a HDMI cable, hit the markets internationally in the late months of the year 2003, there has been steady growth in the sales. These products did not click in the markets at the very first instance but did not lose hope. The collaborated group up with more advanced and easy technology to impress the customers with the products altered as per all the feedback taken from the initial users. They also took into consideration what the potential customer is looking for. This feedback and market research helped them conquer the markets.

The HDMI cables, being the most popular among all the products, are used to connect two electronic devices to each other for the purpose of transferring audio and video data. However, in most of the cases, it is used to inter-connect more than two audio and video equipments to each other. These HDMI cables came in varied lengths and types. This gives the customer a wide product base to choose from. In this technology range, a user will be able to find something which suits his need. The size of a HDMI cable may vary from one metre to 25 metres.

A HDMI cable is bestowed with the following features to enable the user to smooth functioning:

  • a single-link bandwidth of 387 MHz
  • 24 carat gold plated connectors
  • High density shield of three times for maximum rejection of RFI and EMI
  • Rating from ROHS
  • a certificate from UL CL3
  • format support of Dolby, True HD and DTS HD Master Audio
  • Top quality which provides ultra flexibility
  • 26AWG oxygen free high-purity copper conductors

A HDMI cable also has supported resolutions by top-class motion pictures of Warner Bros and Walt Disney.

If you are trying to buy and connect a HDMI cable, it is not a difficult job to do!

There is a range of five versions of HDMI cable that you can choose from. Each version is uniquely designed to meet a specific performance standard. Look into the main purpose that you want the HDMI cable to serve. Opt for a small length HDMI cable if it is used for domestic purpose. If it has to serve commercial purposes, buy a longer HDMI cable of higher quality as a high quality HDMI cable has signal boosters which help in the process of transmitting. This also increases the strength and speed of signals and has to its credit more number of connections and disconnections. A low quality long HDMI cable will give troubles in signal receiving and the output may be tampered during the process of transfer.

A general false belief that people have is that a branded and highly priced HDMI cable is of superior quality. However, one should learn that all the HDMI cables are constructed I the same way and hold very minute differences to tell them apart. But these differences provide no basis for the prices to differ to a very large extent. Always buy the latest version of a HDMI cable in order to support all the possible electronic equipments. This HDMI cable has a feature of being backward compatible. All the new versions of HDMI cables support the previous versions as well as the latest versions.

If you are unable to decide the rating of the HDMI cable you intend to purchase, contact the authorized dealer of your electronic device. He will be able to provide a complete guideline of your product and the HDMI cable most suited to it and also why it is suited. And hence, buy the HDMI cable on the basis of the overall price and quality.

Once you have bought the HDMI cable, you ought to handle it with care. It should not be kept along with a power cord of any type. The currents from the power cords will hamper the construction of the HDMI cable and affect its functioning. A six inches distance should be maintained between the two wires. Do not twist, twine or thug on the HDMI cables.

A unique feature of a HDMI cable is that it has a two-way functionality. This feature allows the inter-connected devices to communicate among each other and in the process automatically confer the required settings like resolution, sound, etc. This enables the electronic devices to configure the capabilities of each other and function accordingly.

There are vast arrays of devices which can be inter-connected using a HDMI cable lead. A few of these include televisions, DVD players, video cameras, camcorders, computers, laptops and other audio and video devices like music players.