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HDMI Cable Info

All of us would be surprised to see the large collection of high definition TV in hundreds of monitors in our nearby electronic store. It would catch your attention even at the first sight. We would buy one among these and take it home. Reaching home, we would unwrap the whole thing and would be surprised to see that the picture doesn't even come close to what you have seen in the store. This would make you to go through the manual (something most people never do). Reading the manual you will find a reference to a high definition connection called the HDMI. It stands for high definition multimedia interface and you would suddenly rush to the stores to get this thing.

At present all those who have a high definition TV or a latest home theatre system should be familiar with HDMI cable info. If this is not the case, then you should get acquainted with HDMI cable info very quickly. There are some basic HDMI cable info that all should be aware of. In fact all who are going to purchase this product should find these tips on HDMI cable info useful.

To begin with, HDMI stands for high definition multimedia interface. The name would basically give you a description of what the cable does. It is used in transmitting high definition video and audio through a single cable. These cables are mostly used as Audio and Video equipment in devices such as Blu-ray DVD players and HDTVs. An important HDMI cable info is that it is very similar to an USB cable. The main characteristic feature of an HDMI cable is that it has 19 wires inside it. These wires are wrapped inside a single HDMI cable. The HDMI cable info tells us that these cables can transmit a bandwidth of 10.2 Gbps. This is considered something remarkable because this is twice as much bandwidth that is needed to transmit multi channel audio and video. All these unique characteristics of HDMI cable ensures that it will be around us for many periods to come.

The HDMI cable info is easily available in the Internet. You can type in HDMI cable info as the keyword and find all those information that is required for you before actually buying a product. There are many advantages that an HDMI cable has over its predecessors. It includes the component video, composite video, and the s video. HDMI is an uncompressed and pure digital source while all its predecessors are analogue. The difference between an analogue cable and others is very simple. The analogue cable takes in a digital signal and converts it into a less clear analogue signal. This signal is then transmitted into TV. The signal is converted back into a digital signal which is displayed on the screen. The disadvantage that all these conversion causes to these signals is that it will decrease its quality and it will result in a poorer video and picture quality. But the HDMI cable retains the original digital signal and thus offers the sharpest and clearest images and audio possible.

The next possible HDMI cable info you should be aware of is that the cable is available in the market in different versions. The cable has been technically improved from time to time and several improved versions of the cable are available in the market. You can different versions of HDMI cable info from your nearby electronic store or from the Internet. Each version of HDMI cable is physically the same and is made of the same connectors as well. All newer versions of HDMI cable are backward compatible to their predecessors, therefore you need not worry about the version of HDMI cable you purchase. It is known from the HDMI cable info from the Internet that all video or audio equipment irrespective of the year their purchase is compatible with any HDMI cable version.

The latest HDMI cable info is that a new version HDMI is available in the market. It has a bandwidth of 340 MHZ. From the reviews in the Internet on the latest version, the HDMI cable info we get is that this cable is much faster than its predecessors. This new version has incorporated 'Deep Colour' feature, which can handle 10 bit, 12 bit and up to 16 bit colour for a possible one billion colours. As for audio, the new version has the ability to give output of compressed audio signals such as DTS-HD Master audio and Dolby TrueHD. The basic HDMI cable info is that the new version fits in for all our basic needs.

The last thing but not the least HDMI cable info that you should know is the price of the cable. From the sources of HDMI cable info available to us we know that the price is from £10 to £100. All these HDMI cable info would prove fruitful to anyone who is going to buy this product.