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HDMI Cable

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HDMI Cable

HDMI Cable stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface Cable. HDMI Cable was developed by a group of consumer electronics companies. There was a serious problem with analogue video mode for content providers. Analogue video is not easily copy protected. To solve this problem they had to come up with more advanced technology. HDMI Cable is a digital mode and provides a platform for the implementation of copy protection scheme. It allows the providers to limit the customer' access and ability to copy the video.

HDMI Cable is a digital version of analogue video such as composite video, S-video, component video, radio frequency coaxial cable, D-Terminal, composite vide or VGA. It is a compressed audio/video interface for transferring uncompressed digital data. HDMI Cable is used to connect digital audio/video sources such as convert DVD players, HD DVD player, personal computers, video games such Xbox 360, Play Station 3 to compatible digital audio devices such as digital televisions and computer monitors. High Definition Multimedia Interface Cable supports any PC or TV video format which includes either standard or the high definition video, Consumer Electronics Control connection and around 8 different channels of digital audio on a single cable. The CEC allows the user to operate multiple devices with one remote control and HDMI devices to control each other when required.

HDMI is perfectly compatible with the DVI signals; therefore signal conversion is not required. HDMI products started shipping in the year 2003. Around 850 consumer electronics and PC companies have adopted the HDMI specification.

There is no maximum length specified for an HDMI cable. HDMI Cables which are tested and certified at 74.5MHz and which includes resolutions like 1080i60 and 720p60. These Cables are known as "Standard" in the market. HDMI Cables which are certified and have been tested at 340 MHz. This category would include resolutions such as 2160p30 and 1080p60.This category 2 HDMI cables are known "High Speed" in the market. This labelling for HDMI cables started on October 17, 2008. There are certain required parameters for Category 1 and 2 cables. These cables should meet required parameter specifications for far-end crosstalk, interpair skew, attenuation, and differential impedance. An HDMI cable of 16 feet about 5 meters can be manufactured according to Category 1 specifications easily and cheaply by using 28 AWG (0.081 mm²) conductors. HDMI cable can reach the length of 15 meters (49 ft.) if better quality materials and construction including 24 AWG conductors are used. HDMI cables which are less than 5 meters and are made before the actual HDMI specification can work as Category 2 cables. HDMI cables which are Category 2-tested are only guaranteed to work.

There are different varieties of HDMI Cable available in the market. There is massive selection of HDMI Cable, adaptors, DVI Cable, couplers and accessories available in the market to maximize customer's video entertainment.

HDMI is an acronym for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is industry-supported compact audio/video interface which provides highest-quality home theatre experience. HDMI cable is a digital interface connector, and it is used to connect an audio-video source with an audio-video monitor. A single HDMI cable is used for connecting high definition devices like HD DVD players for delivering high definition media content.

Types of HDMI cables:

  • Category 1

Category 1 cables are also known as "Standard Speed cables". A category 1 HDMI cable supports 1080i and 720p resolutions. Speed cables are not at all rated for 1080p. Cables belonging to this category have been tested for speed up to 75 MHz.

  • Category 2

Category 2 cables are also known as High Speed cables. Cables belonging to this category are rated for all HDTV resolutions. A category 2 cable has been tested for speed up to 340 MHz. Increased refresh rates, increased colour depths, higher resolution displays such as WQXGA cinema monitors are supported by category 2 cables.

The HDMI specifications do not specify a limit on the maximum length of the cable but the thumb rule is that long cables should be avoided in order to prevent signal degradation. If it's not possible to avoid long cables then devices such as HDMI amplifiers should be used to amplify the signal.

Over the past few years, a number of changes have been made to HDMI specifications. As a result, a number of HDMI versions are available. An HDMI cable has a version stated on it. The version stated on the cable means that the cable complies with the specifications of the stated version. It's better to purchase an HDMI cable which meets latest HDMI specifications so as to enjoy all the latest features. As with any cable, it's recommended to purchase a quality HDMI cable manufactured by a reputed company.