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9M HDMI Cable

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9M HDMI Cable

In the past video standards transmitted analogue signal. When two digital devices are connected with 9M HDMI Cable the digital signal are noise free and clearer.

Many consumer electronics and PC companies adopted High Definition Multimedia interface specification. The founders of HDMI cable are Hitachi, Philips, Silicon Image, Thomson, Sony, Toshiba and Matsushita Electric Industrial. HDMI has support of companies like Universal, Fox, Disney, Dish Network, Direct TV, Cable Labs and Warner Bros. HDMI cable is a compressed audio/video interface for transferring uncompressed digital data. It is a digital alternative to consumer analogue standards such as D-Terminal, component video, S-video, radio frequency coaxial cable and VGA. It connects digital audio/video sources such as up convert DVD players, Blu-ray Disc players, personal computers, video game such as X Box360, HD DVD player, AV receivers, Computer monitors and digital televisions. It can support any PC or TV video format including standard and high definition video up to 8 channels and CEC connection. There is no signal conversion required and there is no loss of video quality when DVI- to 9M HDMI adaptor is used as it is electrically compatible with the signals used by DVI. Both DVI and 9M HDMI Cable belong to the same working group. Both of them transmit same uncompressed digital video signal. There are only two differences among DVI and 9M HDMI Cable:

  • The connectors used in both of these are different.
  • DVI is only video but 9M HDMI cable is capable of both digital audio and video.

Both 9M HDMI cable and DVI can carry digital audio but only HDMI Cable can send or receive digital audio. HDMI cable was designed in the year 2002 and its products were marketed in 2003.Many consumer electronics companies and PC companies have lately adopted HDMI specifications. These companies are using HDMI cables in digital still cameras and HDTV camcorders.

The latest addition to the high end series of Cablesson products is the Ikuna range of HDMI cables. 9M HDMI Cable includes a special stress relief mechanism, which allows the cable to bend with least stress on the HDMI port when connected vertically or horizontally. Highly advanced design and technology is being used in 9M HDMI cables. Customers get the opportunity of watching and listening even the smallest detail without compromising with the help of 9m HDMI Cable. Uncompressed 1080p/120 Hz HD video with up to 48-bit deep colour, 8 channels of 192/24 digital audio for 7.1 surround sound, and an integrated control channel are delivered all in one 9M HDMI cable. Digital-to-analogue conversion between your video sources is also eliminated with the help of 9M HDMI Cable and most accurate high definition picture is displayed.

Highest standard and exclusive technology is used for precise and high bandwidth signal transfer via this new series of Ikuna 9m HDMI Cable. Silver plated pure copper conductors used in 9m HDMI Cable ensure maximum bandwidth and conductivity. Multi stranded copper conductors and heavy gauge are used in 9M HDMI cable which increases digital signal transfer for precision 1080p video reproduction with extended colours. 9M HDMI cable delivers maximum signal strength and accuracy which makes the Home Theatre experience more enjoyable as a nitrogen gas is injected di-electric with yard layer protection which corrects impedance variances. Companies are so confident of the 9m HDMI Cable that they usually provide 10 years warranty for any manufacturing defects. While selecting 9M HDMI cable, customers should not settle for less and try and research more on the best quality available. Cablesson 9m HDMI Cables are produced to provide best digital signals without the loss in signal. Best insulation is possible as these 9m HDMI cables are made with Mylar foil.

General Specification of 9m HDMI Cable available in the market:

  • These 9M HDMI Cable uses 26 AWG Gauge Cable.
  • 9m HDMI cables delivers up to 1080p Digital HDTV.
  • 24 carat gold plated connector plug contacts are used in these 9m HDMI Cable.
  • Mylar foil is used in 9m HDMI Cables to provide best insulation.
  • Nitrogen gas is injected dielectric with quad shielding in 9m HDMI Cable to provide maximum signal strength.
  • 9m HDMI Cable uses 340MHz to support the future demand for high definition devices for higher resolutions, high frame rates and deep colours.

9M HDMI Cables are prevalent in different prices with different specifications in the market. For example:

  • 9m HDMI Cable for Blu Ray HDTV DVD lead 1080p PS3 is available in the range of £92 to £95.
  • 9m HDMI Cable cable High end HDTV PS3 Blu-ray 1080p is available in the range of £100-£110. 9M HDMI Cable for XBOX, ps3, DVD is prevalent in the range of £65 in the market.