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High Definition Multimedia Interface, which is usually called as HDMI, is a very compressed audio/ video interface, which helps to transfer and transmit digital data. Digital data which is transmitted via HDMI Cable is uncompressed. It connects audio-video sources in a digital format such as set-top boxes, HD DVD players, personal computers, Blu-ray Disc players, up convert DVD players, Play station 3 , Xbox 360, digital televisions and computer monitors. HDMI supports any PC or TV format on a one single cable which includes standard and high-definition video, 8 channels of digital audio CEC connection. Consumers receive the same video quality and there is no need of signal conversions when DVI-to HDMI adaptor is used as it is compatible with the signal used by Digital Visual Interface.

There are no fixed specifications like maximum length, conducting materials, cable's construction quality and signal attenuation determined for HDMI cable. Two cable categories are defined: Category 1-certified cables, which have been tested at 74 and there is Category 2-certified cables, which have been tested at 340 MHz. Category 1 includes resolutions such as 1080i60 and 720p60 and Category 2 include resolutions such as 1080p60 and 2160p30. Category 1 HDMI cables are known as "Standard" and category 2 cables are known as "High Speed" in market. HDMI cables were defined in Category 1 and 2 on October 17, 2008. Category 1 and Category 2 cables can meet the requirements either of equalized or non-equalized eye diagram requirements or interpair skew, attenuation, differential impedance and far-end crosstalk. A cable of 5 m can be manufactured under Category 1 and without much expense using 28 AWG conductors. A HDMI cable can reach up to 15 m with better quality construction and materials and also with 24 AWG conductors.

7M HDMI Cable have a strong outer casing. Due to its strong outer casing and extra cable thickness, 7M HDMI cable helps to prevent signal interference. Consumers can expect a true HD image with 7M HDMI cable. Customers receive excellent High definition video and multi-channel audio connection between digital AV sources devices and digital High definition displays with the help of 7M HDMI cable. This cable is a perfect cable for those people who have projectors and a TV which is away from a receiver amplifier. 7M HDMI cable have transfer rate to 10.2Gbps. Transition Minimized Differential Signalling is used in 7M HDMI cable. This 7M HDMI Cable has a thickness of 24awg or 26awg. 7M HDMI cable is usually gold plated and the conductors and shields are copper. 7M HDMI Cable is a high performance home theatre interconnect for high-definition DVD players, TV sets, HDTV receivers a/v receivers, projectors and other HDMI-equipped devices. A customer can enjoy true digital audio delivered together with ultra high resolution digital video with the help of 7M HDMI cable. Advance cable design, top quality construction and superior materials are used to construct 7M HDMI cable, which enhance the experience of customers. The conductors, which are used in 7M HDMI cable, are silver coated oxygen free copper conductors. 7M HDMI cables usually use Nitrogen injected dielectric, 24 carat gold plated connectors, silver solder construction and metal connector shells which are protective , durable and enhance the performance. 7M HDMI cables are fully functional and high bandwidth cable and are designed to excel the industry standards. 7M HDMI cable undergoes final visual test before delivery. There are lots of Mechanical and Electrical specifications for 7M HDMI cable available in the market.

Mechanical Specifications for 7M HDMI cables prevalent in the market are:

  • The 7M HDMI cable uses high insulator material.
  • PE Low density and temperature thermoplastic of 7M HDMI Cable is Copper Alloy.
  • Insertion Force in 7M HDMI cable is 44.1 N Max.
  • Withdraw Force in 7M HDMI cable is 9.8 N Min.

Electrical Specifications for 7M HDMI cable, which is usually prevalent in the market, are:

  • 7M HDMI cables are usually 100% open and short test.
  • HI-pot in this 7M HDMI cable is DC 300V 10ms.
  • Insulation resistance in 7M HDMI Cable is 10m OHM Min.
  • 7M HDMI Cables have Contact Resistance of:
    (a) 24 & 22 AWG cable: 5 OHM Max.
    (b) 26 AWG cable: 3.0 OHM Max.
    (c) 30 & 28 AWG cable: 2.0 OHM Max
  • Working Temperature in 7M HDMI cables is -25ºC ~ +85ºC

7M HDMI cable is usually available in customized blister packaging. Twin colour moulds, Gold & Tin plated shells and Gold plated contacts are usually available in the market for these 7M HDMI cables.