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6m HDMI LeadsPremium White HDMI Leads

  • Ideal For Gaming and HD Viewing
  • FULL HD 1080p Compatible
  • All HDMI v 1.3 Supported
  • Lab tested to 10.2 Gigabit
  • 24 Karat Gold Plated connectors
Model number: WH6
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Now: £15.49
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HDMI Cable Reviews (11)


If you're looking for a very good quality Cheap HDMI Cables then this HDMI cable does exactly what it says on the box. If your on a budget and looking for a top quality HDMI Cable that's excellent value for money then the Premium White High Speed HDMI Cable range is the perfect choice.

This HDMI Cable is the perfect choice if you require a High Speed HDMI Cable for all general applications, it comes with a one year warranty and affordability that represents excellent value for money. It has a data transfer rate of 10.GBP's bandwidth supporting all HDMI 1.3 features.

The Premium White High Speed HDMI Cable is suitable to connect to any of today’s most demanding High Definition ( HD ) equipment ,PS3, XBOX 360, Blu-ray Players, Digital Receivers, LCD TV's, LED TV's, Laptops, PC's, AV Receivers, AV Amplifiers HDMI Splitters, HDMI Switches.

  •  High Speed HDMI Cable
  •  All HDMI 1.3 Supported hover for more info
  •  10.2 GBPS Bandwidth
  •  24 Carat Gold Platedhover for more info
  •  Mylar Shielding
  •  1 Year Guarantee

6m HDMI Leads - Premium White HDMI Leads Reviews

H. Singh
The perfect solution to connect your high definition devices to your telly. Generally cheaper than buying it in the high street. Comes packaged in a small cardboard bag..
jenny larkin
Very good cables. Have had issues with a lot of other hdmi cables but not these. Good value for money I think. And they arrived pretty quickly too.
Kim Philips
Happily installed. I'm no audio visual hifi geek nut, and maybe there is a reason to buy really expensive cables, but these seem to be transferring pictures and sound from cable box and games console to TV just fine thanks.
Derrick Sunter
got this so I can plug a lap top in to my TV and not have to get up each time to change the program. I can have the laptop right next to me. Good quality picture in HD etc. Very good product.
lorriane darlington
I purchased this to connect my gaming pc to my new monitor and to switch to my TV and I'm very pleased with the results. Great quality display and the length means there is no issue unplugging from one display and switching to another.
A. Wagstaff
six meter long Hdmi cable , exellant to transfer computer information onto your T. V.
Good quality gold terminals on each end
john wellings
As everyone should know there is essentially no difference in image or sound quality between a high end and budget cable. The only difference is the build quality and how readily these things fall to pieces - for their price point these cables are robust and seem unlikely to break any time soon.
B. Singh
There's really no need to spend a fortune on a HDMI cable. It's a digital signal which means you won't get benefits of 'higher quality' cables like you do with speaker cable. It either works or it doesn't.

The cable feels solid, with moulded connectors and a sturdy feeling cable.
Bryan harris
Excelent service, delivery as promised next day, great value cable , will get any other cable I may need in the future from here.
Bridget Mcalpin
This site is a sure bargain and will be back for sure
Liza Beland
Affordable cables and came next day
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Cable Uses:

  • PS3
  • XBOX 360
  • Blu-ray Player
  • Laptops AND PC's
  • AV Receivers
  • AV Amplifiers
  • HDMI Splitters
  • HDMI Switches
  • All TV's including LCD, Plasma, LED
  • Cable TV and Satellite TV
  • Digital Set-top Box
  • All devices with a HDMI port
Was: £26.69
Now: £15.49
All prices include VAT