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5M HDMI Cable

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5M HDMI Cable

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a technology that is used to transfer audio and visual data from one electronic device to another with the use of a cable known as the HDMI cable. This is done by interconnecting the devices with the HDMI cable. This cable may also be used to connect two or more audio visual equipments to a single source.

These HDMI cables' ratings vary to quiet a large extent and are also available in different sizes. The size range extends from 1 metre to 15 metres. All these different cables are constructed to conform to different and the latest versions of audio and video equipments.

There are a large number of advantages that a 5M HDMI cable offers in terms of performance, intelligence and simplicity. When you connect with the 5M HDMI cable, you will experience high end results.

On the basis of performance:

  • There is no compression and uncompressing of data in the process of transfer. Since there is no tampering of data, top quality performance can be expected from a 5M HDMI cable.
  • This small 5M HDMI cable wire has huge bandwidth capacity of up to 10.2 gigabits per second. This rate of transfer is higher with 5M HDMI cable, in fact twice the rate of bandwidth which is needed to transfer output from a Blu-ray disc player. Therefore, 5M HDMI cable provides you with speeder gaming, visual movies with more clarity, and tremendous audio experiences.
  • A 5M HDMI cable is made for the emerging next generation technology equipments with high-end features like higher resolutions (1440 p), faster refresh rates (approx. 120Hz) and deep, rich colours which has improvised the HDTV palette with millions and trillions of colours.

On the basis of intelligence:

  • This 5M HDMI cable has a unique two-way functionality. This functionality of 5M HDMI cable enables the interconnected electronic devices to communicate with and respond to each other which excellently improve the experience on your home theatre.
  • Electronic audio and video which are interconnected by a 5M HDMI cable have the ability to scan each other's competence and hence automatically organize certain settings accordingly. This can be simplified with an example. A HDTV and a DVD player which are connected to each other communicate and automatically confer settings such as resolution and aspect ratio in order to perfectly match the format of the incoming audio-visual data to the highest capacity and provide a brilliant experience of the television.
  • Consumer Electronics Control is another set of intelligent features that is imbibed a 5M HDMI cable technology. This feature is used to issue integrated and single touch commands across multiple inter-linked components and devices. The Consumer Electronics Control system, when enabled by the manufacturer of the 5M HDMI cable, allows system-wide behaviours such as one touch record or a single touch play. This works when one button on a remote initiates a long series of coordinated commands.

On the basis of simplicity:

  • A 5M HDMI cable transmits all kinds of audio and video data through a single cable. This enables to eliminate the clutter of multiple cables by replacing as many as eleven out-dated cables. This is very useful for the advanced, sleek home theatres which have to be hanged on the wall. This single 5M HDMI cable facilitates easy connecting.
  • Similarly, to an all digital home entertainment system, the 5M HDMI cable smoothes out the process of installation and upgrading.
  • It is also very easy to inter-connect other devices to a home theatre system with the help of a single 5M HDMI cable. It can be used for computers, video games, and digital video cameras too.
  • The 5M HDMI cable is backward compatible. All the advanced versions of these cable wires will have the previous versions installed in them. This ensures that the 5M HDMI cable can be used to any equipment, irrespective of whether it is the latest or not.

While buying a 5M HDMI cable, you have to be ready for revised and improved versions as the HDMI cable technology is an ever-evolving standard. It keeps improvising to match the latest and advanced technology of audio and video equipment. However, this does not certify that the newer versions are essentially better than the previous versions. Therefore, it is strongly advised to look into all the versions of the 5M HDMI cable before buying a specific version. Opt for smaller length 5M HDMI cable. A longer 5M HDMI cable reduces the power of receiving signals. Therefore, a 5M HDMI cable is apt for convenient usage of the cable wire.

Another special feature of a 5M HDMI cable is that they contain signal boosters. These signal boosters help in better and faster transmitting of audio and video data. This ensures that the data is not corrupted which a possible aspect in delayed transfers.

Therefore, a 5M HDMI cable is, in all ways, suitable for you to purchase.