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3M HDMI Cable

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3M HDMI Cable

A 3 metre High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable is, in short, called 3M HDMI cable. The widespread use of this cable wire is for connecting audio and video equipment to each other. Sometimes, it is also used to connect two or more equipment to a single source. To aid this purpose, there are different kinds of switches used. There are other different cables of the same type which vary only in length ranging from one metre to eight metres. The audio and video equipments have specific versions according to which these HDMI transfer cables are manufactured. You have to make sure that all the electronic audio and video equipments you want to inter-connect are specified with the same version.

As these cables have espoused a wide range of electronic devices like Blu-ray recorder, still digital cameras, video cameras, and home theatres, its use has increased considerably. The use of 3M HDMI cable is increasing also because displays of televisions are made lighter and thinner. A trend of hanging these home theatres systems on the wall has caught up.

Before you advance towards buying a 3M HDMI cable, you have to set your needs and preferences in order. Firstly, see if you need the 3M HDMI cable for domestic or commercial purpose. If your need is for business, then buy a high-quality 3M HDMI cable as these cables have signal boosters which aid in efficient functioning of the cable. The construction of the 3M HDMI cable wires are the same with very insignificant differences. So the myth of only a high priced 3M HDMI cable being of superior quality is broken. The small difference here is that a lower priced 3M HDMI cables have lesser number of connections and disconnections than higher priced transfer cables. Neither is it true that a branded 3M HDMI cable is of better quality than the non-branded ones. Opt to buy a 3M HDMI cable on this basis of quality as well as overall price.

Similarly, another general misconception is that a longer HDMI transfer cable proffers better quality transfer of audio and video equipments. This is absolutely wrong! The longer the HDMI cable wireless is the signal efficiency. While the data is being transferred through a longer wire than the 3M HDMI cable, there are more chances of the date getting distorted. Therefore, always buy a 3M HDMI cable or a smaller transfer cable.

In order to make sure that the 3M HDMI cable you buy suits you, choose a transfer cable which is compatible with the latest and advanced audio-visual equipments. Seek advice from the authorized dealer of your audio visual equipment if you are unable to decide on the rating of the 3M HDMI cable you intent to purchase. He will give you a clear description of your audio-visual equipment and the type of HDMI transfer cable that is best suited to it.

Once you have purchased a 3M HDMI cable, you have to take certain precautions to maintain the credibility of the cable wire. Keep the 3M HDMI cable away from power cords, irrespective of whether it is in use or not. The currents transmitted from these power cords will have an adverse impact on the 3M HDMI cable and hamper the process of signal receiving. A minimum of 6 inches distance should be maintained between the two.

There are few advantages of a 3M HDMI cable.

  • The 3M HDMI cable transfers uncompressed audio-visual data and providing the best digital quality in the process. This is because there is no hampering of the signal with compressing and uncompressing.
  • This 3M HDMI cable supports a two-way communication between the source of video and the display device, hence giving way to a totally new functionality such as automatic configuration.
  • HDMI technology is designed in a unique way to accept copper cables up to the length of 15 metres without the help and support of HDMI amplifiers.
  • As this 3M HDMI cable is completely backward compatible with DVI, it opens itself to a wide range of DVI-equipped electronic products from many of its manufacturers.
  • The manufacturing costs of a 3M HDMI cable are relatively inexpensive when compared to longer HDMI cables of more than 15 metres.

However, the most standard benefit of a 3M HDMI cable is the use of a single interconnects cable in place of several cables while connecting two or more audio-visual equipment. With the fast developing sleek and slim display monitors of televisions, a single cable used in place of a maze of wires is the best advantage that a 3M HDMI cable offers.

The connectors of this 3M HDMI cable are manufactured of two types - gold plated or nickel plated. And the connectors are oxygen-free which are copper made. It also supports the formats of Dolby, TrueHD and DTS HD master audio.

Therefore, a 3M HDMI cable is of great use to simplify the electronic procedures.