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2M HDMI Cable

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2M HDMI Cable

HDMI is an abbreviation of High-Definition Multimedia Interface. This is a cable which is used to connect different audio and video equipment to each other and may also be used to connect two or more of these equipments to a single source. The ratings for these cables may vary to a large extent but this does not permit the prices to vary in the same manner. Though the performance of differently priced cables is very much similar, there are a few minor differences. There are different sized HDMI cables too. The sizes can range from one metre to six metres.

These different sized HDMI cables are manufactured to ensure that they conform to different versions of the specified equipments. Each of these equipments will be given a number and all equipments with the same version will use the same type of 2M HDMI cable.

In order to make sure that the 2M HDMI cable you purchase is efficient, search for cables which are compatible with better and advanced audio and video equipment. If you are unable to decide the rating of the 2M HDMI cable you want to purchase, then an authorized dealer of your audio or video equipment will be able to help you. Heavy duty connectors are found in the higher priced 2M HDMI cable. An advantage of this 2M HDMI cable is that it lasts for a longer time even after repeated connecting and disconnecting. The problem with lower priced 2M HDMI cable connections is that the 2M HDMI cable has a limited number of connections and disconnections. After connecting and disconnecting for a large number of times, the 2M HDMI cable die or may stop working out of the box.

A 2M HDMI cable is a device which has supported resolutions of HDTV and computers. It has the following features:

  • 2M HDMI cable has a single-link bandwidth of 387 MHz
  • 2M HDMI cable is 26AWG oxygen free high-purity copper conductor
  • High density shield of three times for maximum rejection of RFI and EMI
  • 2M HDMI cable is top quality which provides ultra flexibility
  • 2M HDMI cable has rating from ROHS
  • 2M HDMI cable is 24 carat gold plated connector
  • a certificate from UL CL3
  • format support of Dolby, TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio

While wanting to buy a 2M HDMI cable, there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration. The place of use is most important. If you want the HDMI cable for commercial purposes, it is advised to choose a long cable wire. But if the use is limited to household use, then do not buy a cable wire more than three metres long. All the cables are constructed alike so do not opt for a brand name. Instead choose the overall price. There is a common misconception among people that an expensive product will produce better quality and results. This is absolutely not true!

2M HDMI cable, being small in length, is used for domestic and household purposes like connecting a DVD player, other media players and television channel receivers with the television. You can also connect your favourite Xbox 360 and enjoy video games on the wider screen of your television for better clarity of vision and sound effects. If you opt for a cable that is longer than 2 metres for your television or other domestic use, you may face problems of receiving signals. A longer the cable lessens the strength of the signals.

Once you have purchased a 2M HDMI cable, there are a few things you have to keep in mind in order to keep the cable wire in good condition. Make sure you keep the cable wire away from power cords. The currents from the power cord will impact the cable and cause deformation while receiving signals. A minimum distance of six inches should be maintained between the 2M HDMI cable and the power cord.

There are different types of 2M HDMI cables that are available in the market like mini 2M HDMI cable, HDMI splitter cables, HDMI extenders and HDMI converters. A mini 2M HDMI cable is made of Mylar foil which offers the best insulation possible. It creates a strong bridge to transfer the signals. Once connected, these cables will give full speed.

The 2M HDMI cable is a wire device which allows only a single equipment to be connected to the multiple screens. This type of 2M HDMI cable facilitates synchronized viewing of many screens at the same time. The 2M HDMI cable is used for short distances.

Another false belief people have about a 2M HDMI cable is that a longer wire is of better quality. Whereas the actual situation is this- a high quality 2M HDMI cable has signal boosters which aid in better transfer of signals. Hence, these are the pros and cons of 2M HDMI cable which has been developed by the technology industry to give you the advantage of carrying all digital videos and audios in a single cable wire.