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High Definition multimedia interface is a digital audio/video connector. It is a compact audio/video interface to transfer uncompressed digital data. HDMI Cable represents a digital alternative to analogue standards. It connects digital audio/video sources such as HD DVD player, personal computers, video game such as Xbox 360, Play station 3 to compatible digital devices, computer monitors and digital televisions. It supports high definition video up to 8 channels of digital audio and CEC connection.

There are many brands of 20M HDMI Cable is available in the market with a very competitive price and good warranty.

(1). Techlink Wires CR68 - Premium 20M HDMI Cable: This 20M HDMI Cable is used for digital Audio/Video transmission for up to 5 GB per second. It is proved to be the next generation digital interface for Plasma screens and LCD. Techlink 20M HDMI Cable is compatible with HDMI specifications. It provides the customers excellent performance at a very low price. 20M HDMI Cable is shielded with Mylar foil, which helps in providing improved picture and sound to cable signal migration. Manufacturers have double shielded the 20M HDMI Cable to lower the radio interference. This product is available in the price range of £230.

(2). 20m HDMI Cable - Lindy - Premium Grade HDMI: 20HDMI Cable supports high bandwidth, multiple channel digital control and audio functions. It is compatible with modern digital video displays and DVD players. Manufactures are so confident of the product that they provide 10 year warranty. 20M HDMI Cable is available in the price range of USD 108.

(3). DVI to 20M HDMI Cable- Premium DVI-D HDMI: This 20M HDMI Cable is gold plated with metal plugs. It is ideal to connect a PC to TV. 20M HDMI Cable have double shielded cable. This 20M HDMI Cable have pearl chrome metal plugs and it supports resolutions up to 1080p. It is compatible with HDMI equipment. It is available in black colour. 20M HDMI cable is available in the price range of USD 80.

(4). Labgear Premium 24K Gold Plated 20M HDMI Cable: Labgear Premium 20M HDMI Cable is gold plated and available in the price range of USD 43. Labgear 20M HDMI Cable supports DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD which maintains the audio quality when using HD DVD's and Blu-Ray. It supports automatic audio synchronization. 20 HDMI Cable uses 24K gold plated connectors to ensure maximum quality and full signal transfer. It supports high definition picture quality of 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p Video Formats. Labgear 20M HDMI Cable uses professional connectors.

(5). QED Performance 20M HDMI Cable: This new 20M HDMI Cable is improved version in both quality and performance. It is award winning HDMI which ensures excellent signal transfer and picture quality. This 20M HDMI connects Blu-ray, HDTV box, HD-DVD to Plasma, LCD TV or Projector. The Qed 20M high definition multimedia interface cable provided entertaining and colourful picture. 28AWG conductors used in QED 20M over long cable runs. This 20M HDMI Cable is prevalent in the price range of USD 472.

(6). 20m Standard HDMI Cable - Premium Gold: These are superior and long length cable for HD equipment. Advanced construction method and best design is used for manufacturing these 20M HDMI Cable. It provides excellent picture and sound quality. These 20M HDMI Cable has three shields, which ensure superb detail, excellent clarity and definition. Signal transfer is consistent and excellent. It is one of the ideal choices for home theatres. Standard supports HDTV resolutions up to 1080i. Manufactures are so confident about this product that they provide 25 years warranty. Standard 20M HDMI Cable is prevalent in the price range of USD 238.

(7) Wire world Silver Starlight 20M HDMI cable: Unique material processing and advanced technology is used which effectively minimise the noise disturbance caused due to digital jitter. 20M HDMI Cable have copper conductors, which are silver coated, and are grain optimised to increase their conductive efficiency. This product is available in the price range of USD 410.

(8) Cabling4Less HDMI Cable: These 20M HDMI Cable are used to connect a Sky/Sky HD Receiver to a HD Ready/Full HD Compliant TV. It used 24K Gold plated connectors. This 20M HDMI Cable has multiple shields. This 20M HDMI Cable is compatible with 1080p resolution. Price varies from USD 65 to USD 70.

(9). 20M HDMI Cable Male to Male Gold Cable for HDTV Plasma DVD - It is premium quality HDMI Cable which is suitable for use in Home theatre, projector based appliance and HDTV. It is superior quality cable which provides excellent audio-video transfer properties. Signal is transmitted without compromising purity and balance.