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2.5m Ultimate Prime White USB 3 to Galaxy S5 / Micro USB 3 Cable

  • Full duplex compatible - Send and receive data simultaneously
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note
  • 2 in 1 Sync & Charge data cable
  • Builds a bridge between your computer and your device
  • Perfect as a spare or replacement
Model number: UPWS2.5
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Now: £6.49
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The ultimate Prime USB cable is compatible with all devices with a Micro USB 3.0 OTG connector, such as the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S5.

USB 3.0 OTG compatible for ultra fast data transfer. The cable has USB 3.0 for the fastest possible data transfer. USB 3.0 supports speeds of up to 4GB meaning you can transfer HD videos to your phone in seconds rather than minutes.

Supports fast charging from laptops and desktops. USB 2.0 ports only support up to 500mAh which means charging will take 6 - 7 hours, this data cable from Samsung supports 800mAh over USB 3.0 nearly halving the charge time.

Never suffer from the dreaded low battery again. The sleek, compact design of this USB 3.0 OTG cable is not only easy on the eyes, but you can plug it in virtually anywhere there is a USB port.

The Cable provides 5GB transfer speeds, up to 10X faster than USB 2.0 SuperSpeed. USB 3.0 also offers faster device charging than USB 2.0. Galaxy smartphones and tablets with USB 3.0 support up to 2X faster data transfer so you can sync your photos, music and data at blazing fast speed. The cable is also backwards compatible with USB 2.0.

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  •  1 Year Guarantee

2.5m Ultimate Prime White USB 3 to Galaxy S5 - Micro USB 3 Cable Reviews

D. Rawlinson
Does the job
Nitin Sharma
great product
Norman Henderson
Good for what I wanted.
Bob Dudley
What can you say about a cable other than It works well as this one does.
Howard Pelling
came promptly... quick charging and cheap as chips
Apu Patel
fab lead, works well, worth its money
Marty Jackson
Strong sturdy cable for my Samsung galaxy s5
Kim Philby
bought a few of these. been very good. quite a robust cable.
Josh Parsons
Does the job perfectly and is cheap
Garry Wilson
We bought this months ago and it is one of the few leads that have escaped being ruined by our cats! It charges up super fast too.
Sam Gillingham
Very good length and fast charging speeds, highly recommended.
Nick Palmer
As described , you won't be disappointed
extra strong
Larry Fernandes
Second time I'm buying this product. Got one for myself and loved it! Now I've just bought one for my mother's new Samsung S5 and she loves it too!

Super fast delivery, robust quality, extra long cable and the new USB 3.0 really makes a difference to the charging and downloading speeds. Very good value for your money and you should not be disappointed.
Tim Nurden
Just the cable length I was after. data speeds seem good (although not really undertaken any proper benchmarks). Seems solid in design, and a good price, so happy to recommend.
Kapil Amin
Very good. Cable is quite stiff. Doesnt feel cheap. Charges my note 3 very fast
richard shah
good solid USB 3 cable. Maybe a little more flexibility would be welcome but really this one should last...
Harry Benson
An amazing cable for the Samsung galaxy s5 , better than the standard samsung cable
S. Osbourne
Great quality cable, charges very fast too. Impressed
Larry Potter
Excellent, high quality product with an unbeatable price to boot! Extremely happy with my purchase from this seller.
Joe Pennington
Excellent, item is great, will use seller again
Sarah Rothschild
Excellent cables.
Meena Patel
Struggeled to find these in the high street,and this worked really well,very pleased just how quick they came through the post.
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Cable Uses:

  • Galaxy Note 3 N9000
  • Galaxy Note 3 N9005
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Galaxy Note Pro 12.2
  • Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2
Was: £11.49
Now: £6.49
All prices include VAT