Why should you use an HDMI cable?

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a relatively new connection interface used to enhance picture and sound quality. It is used for gaming consoles, home theatre systems and for blue ray players. The HDMI port looks similar to a standard USB interface. The only difference is that the HDMI port has 19 wires enclosed in a single cable.

The factors that make HDMI cables popular

The HDMI port can transmit across a bandwidth of up to 5gbs (Gigabyte per second). Therefore, HDMI cables offer sharper, superior pictures and no breakup is transmission.

Previous versions cable connections had separate audio and video cables. HDMI ports have high bandwidth and hence use a single cable to transmit both audio and video signals. HDMI cables are also backwards compatible. This means the interface can be used on older audio video equipment that is HDMI friendly.

The latest version HDMI ports have Ethernet connections. Hence, users do not require an additional Ethernet cable to connect internet devices. Some HDMI cables also support 3D. Smartphones and cameras can also be connected to high definition televisions using HDMI cables.

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