Why should you buy gold HDMI cables?

The distorted, hazy images you commonly get when using analogue transmission types become clearer when you use HDMI cables instead. The latest Blu-ray players and HD TVs generally feature HDMI ports so you can use HDMI cables.

What is the difference between regular and gold HDMI cables?

HDMI cables transport the digital signals directly to your TV screen. Unlike standard transmission cables, HDMI cables do not convert the digital signal before transmission. This ensures that the image is not distorted when you watch your favourite show.

Gold HDMI cables act as an insulation method for the incoming and outgoing signals. The gold layer protects the signals from any kind of distortion. This clear digital signal is then transmitted to your TV screen.

The features of gold HDMI cables:

Gold HDMI cables are thinner than regular cables. They are also more flexible. They have a built in chip which delivers active signal control. Gold HDMI cables support resolutions up to 4096x2160p at 24H during usage. The Category 2 gold HDMI cables deliver a very high speed of 10.2Gbps for a pleasurable TV viewing experience.

HDMI cables allow you to enjoy cinematic experience within the confines of your home. Gold HDMI cables prove to be a wise option owing to the added layer of shielding they provide to the digital signal. With Gold HDMI cables, the images on your TV screen are much clearer and the audio visual quality too is considerably crisp.

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