Why HDMI is the way to go for this tech age

There are an increasing number of high definition devices on the market currently. All these aim to the production of accurate and superb picture and sound quality. However, their performance is greatly determined by the cables used for connection. The latest technology, and one increasingly being adopted by most people, is HDMI. This kind of cable has revolutionized the way video is viewed and transmitted. It was introduced to the market in 2003 but most people have only just started embracing the technology recently after seeing its multiple benefits over its counterparts. The cable was designed to be a connector that provides high digital content in a single cable.

There are several advantages that come with HDMI which make it the best option out of all connecting cables. The first advantage is the convenience and versatility. With just one cable that is able to transmit both audio and video content, you are done with all the numerous cables that come along with the other connecting cables. You can, therefore, enjoy your viewing with just one single connection. What is more, the cable allows for 8 audio channels. With a single unit connection, you are also presented with the chance to control all the components with just one remote control. With its universal interface, the cables can be used with almost very device out there, including AV television receivers and DVDs. It is also backward compatible with its front-runner, the DIV and therefore, you do not need to dispose of your DIV equipment.

The other advantage is the fact that HDMI allows for superior sound and picture quality. Since there is no conversion of the content from digital to analogue and then back to digital, there is no loss of image quality or distortion. This is because HDMI allows for an all-digital transmission, unlike the case of analogue cables. HDMI also works well with TV sets having fixed pixels, such as LCDs and Plasma TVs.  This is because it allows for the translation of the picture between the source and native screen resolution, picture for picture.

In terms of sound quality, the elimination of extra and different audio cables allows for crisp and clear audio quality. It also eliminates the noise in between the channels. HDMI also supports high resolution sound systems and formats like Dolby Digital, DTS, DVD and SACD. In a nutshell, with HDMI, you have the perfect home theatre experience.

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