Why are HDMI cables becoming increasingly popular today?

HDMI cables are the recent entrants in the league of superior quality audio visual technology. HDMI cables or high definition multimedia interface cables are the new kind of cables that promise a high quality video as well as audio output in just one cable.

The difference between HDMI and analog cables

Analog cables have been used for quite a few decades now. Carrying digital signal to and from digital devices such as a DVD player and an HD television set using analog cables can be troublesome. The signal has to be converted to analog to be transmitted and then back into digital for the display device. This exchange causes damage to the signal quality and the conversion does not give a great picture quality. To sum it up, analog cables can be connected with high definition displays but one will not get good image and sound quality.

What does HDMI technology do?

One of the biggest advantages of using HDMI cables is the great signal quality you can get. This is because there is no conversion of signal. HDMI cables carry high definition data without converting or compressing the signal. They deliver crystal clear images and crisp sound.

Are all devices compatible with HDMI cables?

HDMI technology was introduced in 2003 and most of the appliances manufactured after that are compatible with HDMI cables. If you are not sure about your device, just look at the back of your video device. HDMI ports are marked differently from other connections. HDMI cables are available in many versions and vary in price too.

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