What kind of HDMI cables do I need?

HDMI cables transmit the audio and video signals digitally. HDMI cables connect audio video machines that have an HDMI cable output to devices that have image display abilities with an HDMI input such as plasma TVs, LCD TVs.

You can use most HDMI cables as long as the cable you’re using has the capacity to properly transmit the signal. If it can’t, the picture will be corrupted.

Most HDMI cables are categorised by the specification they have been tested to, and the categories tend to fall under categories 1 and 2. HDMI 1.3 Cat 2 cables can support higher resolutions above 1080p, eg 1440p and 2160p. However, in the main, most customers do not need HDMI cables beyond 1.1 cable.

We can provide HDMI 1.3c cables at a bargain price so if you’re looking for total peace of mind, you should choose one of these.

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