What is the difference between cheap and expensive HDMI cable?

High definition multimedia interface or HDMI cables have taken entertainment to the next level. The quality of the images that we see on our TV screens has dramatically improved since the introduction of HDMI cables.

The importance of HDMI cables
HDMI cables send digital signals directly to your TV set without converting the signal into any other form.

The different types of HDMI cables
HDMI cables come in two types. Category 1 cables work on 1080p or short lengths. Category 2 cables should be used when longer lengths are required. Category 2 HDMI cables are also called high speed cables. Category 2 cables transfer signals at a speed of 10.2Gbps.

Does the price really matter?
Cheap HDMI cables meet the standards set by the otherwise expensive ones. The difference in price is not due to the quality but because of different brands. An HDMI cable is only a medium that transfers the signal. The different prices do not affect the quality of the signal. It is a myth that expensive HDMI cables offer better quality sound and visuals. The truth is both cheap and expensive HDMI cables offer the same superior quality.

Cheap HDMI cables allow you to enjoy a cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home.

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