What are the features and characteristics of HDMI leads?

High definition multimedia interface is the full form of HDMI. It is a special transmission technology enabled by an HDMI cable which is capable of transmitting audiovisual signals at speeds in excess of 10.2 gigabytes per second.

HDMI leads – what are they?

HDMI leads are emerging as the most preferred form of HD connective devices. You will find scart leads on most HD devices, but these leads are being replaced by HDMI. HDMI leads reduce the number of cables at the back of your HD devices.

Modern electronic entertainment devices all have HDMI ports installed. The leads look very similar to USB cables.

The HDMI interface does not convert digital signals into analogue before displaying them on the television screen. Since HDMI leads have the highest capacity for digital data transmission they can accommodate up to eight channels of audio within one cable.

What else should you know?

HDMI leads have different specifications and each one is optimised for a particular setting. They all have different digital data capacities and the prices vary according to this. Cheap HDMI leads may not necessarily offer great performance as they may be easily affected by RFI and EMI related disturbances. Always buy HDMI leads from reputable manufacturers.

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