VGA to HDMI – a few important things you should know

VGA is an abbreviation for video graphic array whereas HDMI is an acronym for high definition multimedia interface. Both of these connections are used for displaying pictures on laptops, television and monitors. The VGA to HDMI conversion uses a cable to convert the output from a VGA port to an HDMI connector.

As HDMI cables convert the analogue output into digital, they are good and efficient connectivity options. The analogue technology was developed for carrying video transmissions. Due to this, additional cables were required for carrying audio transmissions. However, HDMI technology is specially designed for carrying both audio and visual transmissions.

HDMI cables can be used for connecting gaming consoles, DVD players and set top boxes, etc. with the television set. The component cables were only able to achieve a picture resolution of 360p or 480p. On the other hand, HDMI cables are able to transmit video signals of up to 1080p. HDMI technology also offers support for an Ethernet channel and 3D videos.

An increasing number of people have been switching from component cables to HDMI cables. It has also revolutionised the world of high quality audio and video by making our lives easier. With the use of HDMI cables, there is no need to deal with different cables for audio and video transmissions.

Besides handling resolutions of up to 720p to 1080p, HDMI cables are also capable of a bandwidth of about 5 Gbps. Looking at all these features and benefits, using HDMI connectivity cables would be a wise decision.

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