Use HDMI cables for excellent audio and video quality

HDMI enables the high quality transmission of digital information from one device to another. HDMI or the high definition multimedia interface is now an essential line of communication between all your digital devices. They are a superior alternative to the traditional S-video and coaxial cables. To understand HDMI cables, you first have to know what they are not.

S-video, coaxial and HDMI cables

A little peek at the back panel of your TV or DVD player will reveal a tangle of cables. You might see an S-video cable connected to its roundish connector, or a coaxial connection, which has a metal connector that screws in a pin. Coaxial connections are also known as aerial connectors, and are used to connect radio frequencies and cable television. Both these cables allow you to connect your media using an analogue transmission. The downside of these cables are that not only is the transfer quality inferior to HDMI, but they also clutter your space.

An HDMI cable is a must when using an HDTV. The high quality digital signals are lost when you do not use an HDMI cable for an HDTV.

Another edge that HDMI cables have is that there is just one cable for both audio and video. You can minimize all the cable clutter behind your devices.

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