Use HDMI cables for connecting audio-visual equipment

In the recent past, HDMI has become a standard interface for all audio visual equipment. Using HDMI cables, you can easily connect your home cinema system or HDTV with other audio visual equipment.

An HDMI cable can carry a bandwidth of 5GBps. This is almost twice the bandwidth required for transmitting multi-channel video and audio. Besides this, there are many other factors that make HDMI cables stand apart from their predecessors such as S-Video, composite video and component video.

Why HDMI cables are better

HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) is basically a means of transmitting an uncompressed form of digital signal. All earlier cables used analogue interfaces for transmitting data. When it comes to analogue, a clean digital source is initially converted into less accurate analogue signals, sent to the TV set and then converted back into digital to display on screen.

During each conversion, the digital signal tends to lose its integrity. This results in distortion of image quality. On the other hand, HDMI cables preserve the source signal. As the need for analogue conversion is completely eliminated, HDMI cables are able to deliver the richest and sharpest pictures.

Earlier video interfaces required different audio cables. In the case of HDMI cables, they have abundant speed and bandwidth. Due to this, they are capable of carrying video along with eight audio channels for uncompromised surround-sound. For the best HDTV viewing experience, HDMI cables are a better option for connecting audio visual equipment.

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